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Santiago Mac-Auliffe was born the 20th of July in 1985 in Santiago de Chile. In 2007 he graduated from the University Finis Terrae of Art, where he received his education in Visual Arts with focus in painting.

During that time Santiago acquires and develops the element, which will become his principal means of expression in the future: on the formal side he is influenced by comic art, graffiti and street art in general, whereas his imaginarium is composed through his obsession for Spirituality and psychedelics.


Santiago participated in several collective exhibitions and showed his works at important spaces of chilean art scene, as Casas lo Matta and Artespacio Gallery. Emmigrating to Berlin in 2010, he finds himself strongly impressed and influenced by the cultural and artistic environment of Germanys capital. From this moment on an intense exchange and cultural commutation between the old world (Europe) and Southamerica is brought to life.


Santiagos color palette - a wifely / brutally chromatic, fluorocent spectrum reminds of pop-art and tells us tales of psychedelic arts of the past and present. He's characters are caricatures, living and acting in a comic-like, scenic world of wonders and excitement, influenced strongly by Basquiat and Alex Grey. Concerning

the contentes, Santiagos universe is an intimate black Comedy, allegories by archetypical individuals, icons and symbols, which he understands to blend together to illustrate the contemporary human condition: a tragicomic confrontation of spirituality and altered states of mind with a world saturated with materialisms and excesses.


We must picture us Santiagos universe as a road movie, where every painting is a moment of super production we call life.

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